Whoever says Ghent says the Ghent Altarpiece. Both are inextricably linked. Ghent is the city where Van Eyck painted his world-famous masterpiece and where millions of visitors from all over the world have come to admire the altarpiece for six centuries. The city is celebrating Van Eyck and the Ghent Altarpiece with a special festive year full of events and activities for young and old. Van Eyck was here. And will be here to stay. Will you

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Now in Ghent: the Van Eyck year

STAM will be ten years old in 2020. Time for a rejuvenation cure for the permanent exhibition. From 7 December 2020, you will stroll in 'The story of Ghent' in a new style between parchment abbots, enterprising women, rebels in love and selfish benefactors from the Middle Ages to the present day. You can see and feel the city growing and changing shape. You will discover unique objects and of course there is also a fresh version of our (still gigantic) aerial photo.